5 Incredible Rooftop Garden Designs

famous terrace gardening

Do you know about the famous terrace gardening? Are you planning to get a garden on your rooftop? Well, everyone should try to get different types of options for their house to make it look incredible.

When you search for the famous terrace gardening, you will come across some of the most incredible designs. When you check them out, you will surely want to try them for your own house. You can do it without any significant difficulties as you can check out these options and get a similar looking design for your house.

What are the rooftop gardens?

A vase of flowers on a tree

Roof gardens are most often found in urban environments. Plants can reduce the overall heat absorption of the building, which then reduces energy consumption.

The primary cause of heat build-up in cities is insolation, the absorption of solar radiation by roads & buildings in the city & the storage of this heat in the building material & its subsequent re-radiation.

As a result of transpiration, plant surfaces do not rise more than 4–5° C above the ambient & are sometimes more relaxed.

Top 5 Famous Terrace Gardening Around the World

Water next to a mountain

Here are the most famous terrace gardening designs you can see around the world. Once you check them, you will indeed find it to be quite incredible. These terrace gardens are designed carefully according to the atmosphere.


Using plants as walls, Mazzucchelli designed three distinct spaces—a dining area, large lounge, & cozy relaxation nook—in this open-layout terrace. Purple chairs pair perfectly with similarly hued Japanese maples, geraniums, & sedums.


Here a mountain like timber bench emerges from a modular stone-and-lawn landscape, HMWhite’s epic gift to the building’s architecture. The stainless-steel hot tub, surrounded by prairie-like grasses, might be the perfect spot to take in the Manhattan skyline.


This industrial fifth-floor famous terrace gardening, one of three in residence, by landscape architect Cristina Mazzucchelli, has galvanized steel drum planters & a concrete outdoor kitchen, softened by feathery grasses & perennial plants.


The Empire State Building is visible from a certain angle on this roof. Still, a custom oak water feature & Japanese wisteria-covered pergola ensure that the pull-tab-designed space feels like a calming oasis away from it all.


Mary Barensfeld Architecture’s modern take on a famous terrace gardening, this cast concrete structure uses ramps, rather than steps, for climbing up & down the greenery. A mini pipe-wood terrace toward the top provides a bird’s-eye view of the reflecting pond in the center.


There are various reasons to try out the famous terrace gardening. It will help you get a great outcome to ensure that you can improve the greenery surrounding your house. Such things are important at present as everyone should focus on improving the number of plants worldwide.

It will reduce the increase in the production of carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment. So you must try to keep an open mind towards the famous terrace gardening to ensure that you can utilize it correctly. These things will give you much better results with the look of your house.

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