5 Terrace Gardening Vegetables That Can Be Grown Easily

Best-grown terrace gardening vegetables

Want your terrace garden with organic veggies? You don’t have to know any rocket science for that. It’s just a matter of care and a little work. If you are a beginner and had been confused lately about where to start, you are in the right place. You can start with basic knowledge and work in little space since there are many vegetables that can be easily grown in pots. Gardening is good in all senses; Whether you consider as one of your interests or one of your needs because of living away from the city. We have a list of best terrace gardening vegetables that are easy to grow so that you can start as early as possible.

Terrace Gardening Vegetables You Can Grow

As far as vegetables are concerned, we suggest you start with the basic picks. Take a look at the best terrace garden vegetables.


Yes, this is a fruit, often used as a vegetable. But you need it almost every day. Tomatoes are available in different types like exotic, cherry, and heirloom. Planting them is easy. Take a healthy tomato and cut it into four pieces. Now, burry them at least half-inch deep into a pot filled with fertile soil. You can take a smaller pot in the beginning and later change it to a bigger one as the plant grows.

Best Terrace Gardening Vegetables
Easy-to-grow terrace gardening vegetables

Bell Peppers

Also known as capsicum, bell peppers are used as key ingredients in various cuisines. They are a great inclusion to your terrace garden. You can use terracotta, plastic, or clay containers to plant them. However, ensure that your container has a good draining system. Plant some dry seeds into loamy soil, about 2-3 centimeters deep. Keep the pot in a humid and dry area.


Yes, pumpkins can be grown in pots and containers too. However, pick a container that is deep enough and at least 3 feet wide. It should hold enough soil. You will have to add a layer of compost in the soil. It is important for the necessary nourishment that the plant requires to thrive. Plant 3 to 4 seeds in each pot, and later, when they germinate, shift them to place only two seedlings in one pot.


Radishes are known to be quick-yielding vegetables. There will not be long days of the wait to enjoy homegrown vegetables. You will need deep pots to plant these since they grow downwards. Mix manure, red soil, and cocopeat to make the perfect soil. Place two seeds in each pot, sowing them at least half-inch deep.

terrace gardening vegetables at home
Grow the best terrace gardening vegetables


You can grow spinach from starts or seeds. The smaller ones would be the most suitable for growing in pots. Sow the seeds into the soil. Place them at least an inch away from each other. When they start growing, move the containers outdoors after three weeks. If you are growing transplants, place them 6 inches away in the pot. Water these little ones frequently because they need enough moisture to grow.

Final Thoughts

It will be an amazing experience; if you’re into creativity and want to design your terrace garden differently, make use of left-outs, and create DIY pots. Things will be more interesting this way. Take your first step. From this list of terrace gardening vegetables, grow the ones you love. Happy gardening!

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