An Organic Terrace Gardening In Madurai Is An Attraction Point Of The City

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Is Organic gardening possible on the terrace? What is the advantage of organic terrace gardening? Madurai is a major city of Tamil Nadu state of India. This city is famous for its cultural, scenic views and organic terrace gardening. In Madurai, 70-year man Rajeshvaran starts doing dreams in 2016 on his house terrace and gets success. And the same D. Archan also starts terrace gardening and becomes successful and gets fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden. Today many do organic terrace gardening in Madurai. This set the best example of those farming a hobby but not this by having no lands for it. They have done their hobby on our terrace and balcony very quickly. 

Terrace gardening is very helpful for you and your house also. Because by this you reach fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. And also provides you with fresh oxygen or helps to decrease the warmth of your house.   

Government Supports Organic Terrace Gardening In Madurai

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The state government of Tamil Nadu supports organic terrace gardening in Madurai. Madurai became famous for his terrace gardening. Governments have enhanced the culture of terrace gardening. This also provides gardening kits for people who do terrace gardening. Terrace gardening is beneficial for making the atmosphere suitable. It can fulfill the requirement of fresh oxygen. And also help to reduce air and sound pollution.

How To Do Gardening On A Terrace

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Organic terrace gardening in Madurai is the best example of making farming dreams true in any place. Today see that how you start gardening on a terrace are as follows:-

·         You take a simple pot (Gamla) and also recycle an old plastic container you have in your home.

·         You take soil and mix them with compost and fertilizers in it in equal quantities. And put them in Pot.

·         Make a water drainage hole on the bottom of the pots. Check hole by the water drain is appropriate or not.

·         You add seed in a pot and add some water in it correctly every time interval. Watch your greens grow up. And gives water and fertilizers from time to time.

Pros Of Organic Terrace Gardening

The benefits of organic terrace gardening in Madurai are as follows:-

·         Helps reduce the indoor temperature of your building or house at 6 to 8 degrees Celsius and reduce the cost of the air conditioning.

·         Helps to reduces the heat absorption of the building

·         Help to enhance the amount of oxygen.

·         Helps to eliminate sound pollution.

·         Helpful for a bird to inhabit theirs.

·         Help to become near nature and a good atmosphere to live in.

·    These are also useful for getting fresh organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.


Organic terrace gardening in Madurai is, for example, a country to do farming in any place. If you live in a building you have no land for farming, you don’t need to become sad, you do your hobby in your building terrace without any problem.

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