Beautiful Garden Roses: A Collection of the Most Spectacular Varieties

garden roses

Garden roses are the perfect flower for your garden. They grow well and can be encouraged to climb or stretch along a trellis, wall, fence, wire – almost any structure. When pruned regularly they will provide you with gorgeous flowers all through the warm weather months. But how do you know which ones to choose? Which ones will spread their pretty petals in full bloom right outside your door?

Here are some of the most spectacular varieties available today.

Iceberg Rose:

A pink flower on a plant

The Iceberg rose is a very hardy plant that has been grown for many years. The long green stems are strong and resistant to disease. The beautiful white flowers are approximately five inches across, with yellow stamens surrounded by bright yellow anthers. These roses grow well in containers as well as in the ground.

Sun Flare Rose:

A close up of a flower

The Sun Flare rose is a wonderful climbing variety and will produce trumpet-shaped flowers with bright orange petals and yellow stamens. The blooms will open wide in the sun to reveal their vibrant colors. They are available in both standard and miniature varieties. They grow quickly and easily, covering even large areas very quickly although they do best when grown on a trellis or other strong support structure.

Hybrid Roses:

Bourbon Queen & Climbing Iceberg Hybrid roses are one of the most popular garden roses today. Their long stems make them perfect for cut flower arrangements, but you don’t have to cut them! Simply enjoy watching them bloom over your garden once a week throughout the summer months. Look for Bourbon Queen Hybrid roses or Climbing Icebergs for your garden.

English Roses:

English Roses come in a variety of colors and flower shapes and they are very popular all across the world. A wonderful climbing rose is the ‘David Austin’ rose, which produces extremely fragrant white flowers that will fill your garden with their lovely scent. The ‘Aloha’ rose blooms with large red flowers on long green stems, which can also be used to decorate your home or yard during the summer months. In fact, there are so many varieties of English roses from which to choose, you will have no trouble finding one perfect for your garden.

Polyantha Roses:

Polyantha roses are small, very hardy plants that produce single blooms. They grow quickly, so they don’t need much care or maintenance. The ‘Buddy’ rose has beautiful bright pink blossoms that will fill your garden with color all summer long. Other varieties include yellow ‘Goldmine’ and white ‘Papa Meilland’.

Climbing Roses:

Climbing roses add beauty and grace to any garden or fence, covering it with their lovely blooms. Look for the ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose which features bright red flowers with a dark center. They have a heavenly scent and will bloom throughout the summer months. Another good choice is the ‘Zephirine Drouhin’, a variety that comes in a fantastic mixture of yellow, pink, and red petals which create a dramatic display in your garden.

Tea Roses:

The tea rose is an old-fashioned favorite that has been grown by many generations before us. The classic tea rose has large double-petaled blooms of various colors ranging from white to hot pink. These long-stemmed beauties are perfect for cut flower arrangements. They are very easy to grow and will provide you with long-lasting blooms all summer long once they establish themselves in your garden.

Rugosa Roses:

The Rugosa rose is a low-maintenance plant that can survive neglect and poor soil conditions, making it ideal for home gardens everywhere. It features dark pink blossoms on prickly green stems that make this variety an absolute must-have if you like prickly plants! These roses also do well in containers on the patio or porch, where they can enjoy the sun during warm months then be moved out of the cold weather into your home to continue their blooming.

Floribunda Roses:

Floribunda roses are similar to hybrid roses in that they produce large blooms and make for excellent cut flowers. The ‘KORli’ rose is a fantastic variety with vibrant golden yellow petals and a gorgeous green stem running throughout the center of the bloom. The ‘Compassion’ and ‘Freedom’ climbing varieties will add beauty and grace to any home garden, producing fragrant pink blossoms that will brighten your yard all summer long.

Celestial Roses:

Celestial roses are an unusual variety that features blossoms with a strong, spicy fragrance produced in large clusters at the top of tall stems. They come in a huge range of colors from white to yellow to orange with touches of red or pink running throughout each bloom. This variety is perfect for planting along your fence line where the smell will waft over you as you relax in your yard enjoying a warm summer breeze.


Roses are among the easiest plants to grow in your garden or even in pots on your porch or patio. If you have children, they will enjoy watching them sprout, bloom and develop into beautiful roses. There are so many varieties to choose from when you decide to plant roses.

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