A Bottled Garden

Bottled Garden - Here Is A Miniature Savior You Should Know

A bottled garden is simply the practice of growing plants in a plastic or glass bottle. We can grow these plants with barely any exposure to the environment. The idea is to contain the plants inside the bottle for indefinite periods. The bottle must be illuminated on the inside appropriately for the plant to survive being sealed in for long a time.

Bottle gardens are frequently used as decorations, or substitute to real gardens in urban areas that have very little space. This bottled garden can also be used to grow vegetables and other edible food. It also helps in herb crops in places where the soil or climate conditions do not favor the growth of plants.

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Bottled Garden – Here Is A Miniature Savior You Should Know

Bottled Garden – The Need Of The Hour

As water is trapped inside the bottle, it is not necessary to replenish the water every day. It is in direct contrast to cultivating crops on the ground. Considering that lesser water is used, we can conserve water for other purposes. Some say that the enclosed plant may never need watering again!

The sealed bottle also requires little to no maintenance. Fertilizing is hardly ever needed in this type of garden either. The advantages of this kind of plantations at home are endless. These plants will take out the pollutants in the air while taking very little space at home. They are mostly self-sustaining as well, so you would not have to put in regular efforts to maintain the plants. We can use these bottles as miniature greenhouses. The main benefit to the environment is that it helps in water conservation.

Advantages of A Bottle Garden

Advantages of people cultivating a bottled garden at home are that it doesn’t require a lot of time spent growing and weeding. It is like you would have to on actual plots of land. You also would not need to invest in heavy tools and equipment, only a bottle, preferably a glass one and a source of light.

The possibility of gardening in crowded urban spaces also opens up with bottle gardens, as it allows you to plant on apartment blocks and areas within your house with no trouble. Also, the advantage of building your miniature greenhouse is that your growing season is now infinitely longer. You can grow any plant for much more extended periods. 

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Bottled Garden – Here Is A Miniature Savior You Should Know

The climate or temperature won’t play a significant role either in the growth of your plants. Therefore, allowing you to garden in any weather. You can also experiment with growing plants that can not typically be grown in your local vicinity due to climate or soil issues. Pests and weeds will not be an issue to look out for as such and can be easily kept out as well.

Final Words

In conclusion, a bottled garden provides all the positives attributes of a greenhouse. It is essentially a miniature greenhouse allowing you to grow anything that your heart desires with little to no maintenance from the comfort of your home. The environmental advantages of bottled gardening are also massive and can contribute to combating the effects of global warming as well.

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