Consider These 5 Things Before Gardening On Terrace

Gardening On Terrace

Are you planning to own an amazing and beautiful garden on the terrace? Gardening on the terrace offers you several advantages, such as getting fresh air, fresh organic fruits, and vegetables. In addition to this, it serves as the best stress-buster in your busy life. However, most of the people fail due to lack of training and planning. This makes them leave the idea in between. We have mentioned 5 points you must consider before gardening on terrace not to have to experience the same. Thus, you can maintain it for an extended time.

Guide On Gardening On Terrace
Guide On Gardening On Terrace

Things To Know Before Gardening On Terrace

Identify The Space

Firstly, you need to identify the space where you will begin terrace gardening. Such as balconies, rooftop, windowsills, or any other area. Secondly, make a plan as per the location you choose. It must include the type of flowers or plants you will grow in balconies, rooftops, or windowsills. Thirdly, the place must have direct sunlight access for about 4-5 hours.

Important Thing To Remember

Apart from this, space should be out of reach of birds and animals like squirrels. It is because squirrels and rats damage raised beds and young plants.

Draw Up A Plan

Make a plan to divide the space. Various plants, such as normal plants and shade plants, needed to be grown in this divided space. To be noted, the divided space must be according to the sunlight. In addition to this, separate space should be reserved for waste management, storage, composting, nursery, etc.

Use containers that are made of clay, metal, or wood. You must avoid plastic containers as it breaks and can’t withstand heat. In addition to this, the containers must have drain holes.

Suitable Plants For Gardening On Terrace

You can grow vegetables like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, radish, cucumber easily on the terrace. But these plants require care like pruning, pinching, fertilizing, and watering every week.

Popular fruits to grow are guava, orange, papaya, mango, and lemons.

Gardening On Terrace Need Watering And Irrigation

Gardening On Terrace Need Watering
Gardening On Terrace Need Watering

Watering is the most important point to be noted because water evaporates rapidly when gardening on the terrace. Thus, the plants require water regularly. Moreover, plants need frequent watering in summer, whereas once in two days in winter. The water harvesting idea works well during the rainy season. Just make sure water is easily available to the thirsty plants.

Equipment To Buy

You can have watering equipment such as a hose or watering kettle to water the plants with ease. Try to implement drip irrigation so that plants get water timely. Use only clean water and avoid chlorinated water.

Waste Management

Waste like dry leaves is obvious in the vegetable garden. Thus, a proper waste management plan must be included. Waste like mulch prevents loss of water from the soil in the summer season. Therefore, waste must be removed thoroughly.


It is advised to start small and grow those plants that fit your space and schedule. It’s a bit challenging; however, with these 5 things in mind, you can acquire big success in the long run.

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