Edible Landscaping- How To Do Grafting?

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Edible landscaping is a hybrid between landscaping and farming. It is also known by the name of food scraping or front yard farming. It lets one grow food aesthetically. Also, one can use it to build a beautiful garden, which not only adds to the beauty of a place but also feeds one. Edible landscaping involves adding an edible plant along with grass and shrubs to add more color, texture, and taste. One can make it more interesting by playing a little with grafting techniques. Imagine an apple tree with red, yellow, and green apples on it at the same time. It will take the beauty of the garden to the next level.

Edible Landscaping- How To Do Grafting?

Edible Landscaping: Process Of Grafting

Grafting is a simple technique in horticulture. This technique combines parts from two or more plants, so they grow as a single plant. It can be a complicated process to learn. But there is a straightforward type called T-bud grafting, which is easy to learn. Grafting is ideal for creating more trees or repairing one. All it requires is a grafting tape, sharp knife, and some idea to start.  

The standard grafting techniques are- bench grafting, cleft grafting, and bud grafting. Bud grafting or budding is ideal during late summer. During this time, the removal of a bud and its insertion into a new branch is easy. This simple technique is perfect for fruit trees as well. Grafting the same types of fruit together will always give good results. One needs to remove the leaf bud of one fruit type and merge it with another tree of the same fruit type.

How To Do Bud Graft?

  • Collect all the necessary tools like- sharp knife and a grafting tape
  • Select a healthy leaf bud close from the branch, which has fruiting buds.
  • Make a half-inch cut below and above the bud. 
  • Select the same size branch on the desired tree.
  • Remove all the leaves and side branches if present, from that branch.
  • Between the other buds on the branch, make a one-inch vertical cut.
  • From the top of the cut, make a horizontal cut to form a “T.”
Edible Landscaping- How To Do Grafting?

Some More Steps

  • Form a sleeve by slowly peeling the bark below the “T.”
  • Insert the bud in the sleeve,however, make sure it is facing upwards. 
  • Wrap the area on top and bottom of the bud with grafting tape. 
  • To check whether the grafting was successful, look for a plump bud within the bark after about a month. 
  • To grow the bud, cut the branch just above it during the spring season. 
  • The branch with buds will grow and produce flowers and fruits eventually. 


Grafting is a simple technique, but it requires lots of practice to master it. It also involves a lot of patience to get it right. Find a person who is an expert at gardening. Learning any skill, moreover, becomes more comfortable if one has the right person to guide. T-budding lets one do many bud grafts in a short period. This much help in practicing the technique. Only five out of 50 bud grafts, however, may be enough to get a new variety of plant. For home gardeners, bud grafting is a great technique to develop new types from the existing ones.   

Edible Landscaping- How To Do Grafting?
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