Front Lawn Gardening Ideas – Things That You Must Know

front lawn gardening ideas

Gardening is a form of meditation. After a week full of stress at work, gardening is what makes you happy. How about you implement the skill in decorating your front lawn? Besides enhancing the exterior of the home, this skill of yours is sure going to make your neighbors jealous. Take your time, and check out the beautiful landscape transformations on Instagram. However, this blog is here to make your effort a bit easier. You must also know, that with front lawn gardening ideas, your home value will also rise considerably. The ideas put forward here are significantly cheap and low maintenance. Therefore without_any further ado, let’s begin_with-

How About A White Border Coupled With Window Box

A dirt path next to a tree

Painting a border to the front lawn is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to draw some attention. Yes, you can paint it any bright color. Undeniably, white color is your best option. However, you can also go for bright orange, yellow, and off-white for the purpose. As for the garden, plant a combination of perennial and annual flowers. For instance, there are petunias, hydrangeas, and more as such. Now talking about window boxes, this elegant design is sure to complement the front look of your home. These are some of the instant paths to beautify your front yard with simple touches. 

Now, Consider Putting A Mini Water Feature Just At The Entry

Though putting a water feature might seem a bit extra, however, you can really use your creativity in this regard. For instance, the small space between the garage  and the entry, put a mini water fountain. If possible, place a small pump inside a pot. This will maintain the circulating process with ease. Further, if your garden has any shaded region, you can plant this mini water feature there also.

Moving Into Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow 

A close up of a flower garden with Butchart Gardens in the background

Nothing can beat the authenticity of wheelbarrow and  ivy plants. This lovely option of decoration go almost with every front lawn gardening ideas. You can opt for  any choice of garden plants. However, the best options for this are the Petunias, Fuschia, and the other choices which hang and drop down from the sides. In order to have a  fine outcome make sure that you use a significant-quality potting mix.

Next Is Your Boxwood Edged Pathways

Imagine placing a boxwood-edged pathway on your entry. The classy choice of front lawn decoration in itself oozes out elegance. Have the blocks small. Also, don’t you think this path decoration undoubtedly helps your guest to walk directly to your home, rather than stepping on the grassy floor of the front lawn?

Some More Ideas That You Can Try

Some more choices of front lawn gardening ideas that you can try out are-

  • Seasonal fower bed with evergreen plants.
  • The potted border which you can easily update from time to time. 
  • Succulent showy stone planters are some of the mesmerizing choices that you can opt for.
  • Climbing walls are great for giving that cinematic touch to your front lawn gardening ideas.
  • You can also use that damaged cycle to use as a vintage bicycle planter.


Well, these are the brilliant choice of front lawn gardening ideas, which you can try to put this summer. Without a doubt, these are some of the handy choices. Besides making your garden look great, your time in your garden will also be great. So, why, wait? Try putting these cheap options of front lawn gardening ideas as soon as possible. 

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