Garden On A Slope – Maintaining The Garden On A Slope

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Even though planting on a hillside or uneven ground might seem like a challenge, they are perfect for gardens, flower beds, and more. Everybody would like to have a neat Garden that is maintained with the right set of plants and gardening equipment. But when you literally live near a garden on a slope, possibly a hill station, you might need the following steps to deal with the garden. 

Garden On A Slope – Creating a wall of flowers

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You can create a flower bed on a retaining wall, primarily used to reduce soil erosion. It is because of the opportunity that it gives to choose your construction materials and plant in every nook and corner of the wall. There are crevice-loving plants that you can use, such as creeping phlox thyme, sweet alyssum, trailing lobelia, etc. 

If you want to create flower beds on uneven surfaces then there are things that you should remember. For example, they should be leveled to ensure even water distribution to all plants. It makes the carpentry involved a bit complex. You can make a raised garden bed with tapered sides. 

Garden On A Slope – Plants 

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You can grow plants native to the place, for example, if you have a dry hillside. They help turn an eroding hillside flower bed into a colorful oasis, blending with the surroundings. Plants such as Agave, Bulbine, Pennisetum, Crassula are some examples. 

Another idea is to use ground cover plants as they also help with soil erosion and weeds. Some easy to care plants are Thyme, Brass buttons, Golden moneywort, Bunchberry (it does well in shade), etc. These plants are also efficient at anchoring loose soil on a sloped flower bed. 

Garden On A Slope – Some More Ideas

Other ideas to make use of slopes are: to create a waterfall, an added plus to your garden. The steep slope gives the chance of a dramatic effect with the curtain of water. You can also place your favorite potted plants for display on the outer side of the flower beds to get a pronounced impact. Another way is to make a terrace with several low walls. Then a level patio can be built for a comfy seating area – a great place to sit and survey your garden. 

You can add boulders in your garden for an effect of natural beauty. The lusters of boulders anchor portions of sloped flower beds. You can arrange them into groups that are staggered informally. A great way to change your flower beds from inaccessible to inviting is to add steps. Zigzag steps or wide one that meander are easier to climb on a slope. You can begin to build them at the base of the flower bed and try climbing through different paths to find the one you are comfortable with. 


The results of gardens on a slope are definitely worth it, making them more breathtaking and riveting outdoor spaces. The maintenance of the garden is more important and with some effort, you will be able to maintain the best Slope Garden possible.

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