Raised Bed Gardening — A New Way Of Gardening

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Raised bed gardening is done when the soil of a region is not appropriate for gardening. It can also be done to make the place look decorative. Raised bed gardening is done in enclosures or frames that are usually made of wood, concrete, stone, or hay. Raised bed gardening facilitates gardening in a small space.

Benefits Of Raised Bed Gardening

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  • Gardening can be done in this way even if the soil is bad and coarse.
  • Soil does not get dry quickly.
  • Raised bed gardening allows gardening to be done on a large scale but in a small space.
  • The yield is good in the case of raised bed harvesting.
  • Soil compaction can be avoided.

Things To Think To Do Raised Bed Gardening

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1. Size Of The Raised Beds.

The width of raised beds is generally about 3 to 4 feet, and its length is about six to

seven feet. However, the size of the raised beds depends on the plants that are to be

grown there.

2. An Appropriate Location Must Be Selected.

Raised bed gardening should be done in such a place where there are good irrigation facilities, and the plants get everything needed for their growth.

3. Soil Needed.

The appropriate ratio of soil to be used is 70 percent of ground soil and 30 percent of

organic compost. Moist soil is required.

4. Drainage Facilities

Raised bed gardening allows water to drain in a better way. However, there must be a proper drainage system so that the plants get the required amount of water.

5. Midpoint Stakes

Installing a few midpoint Stakes can be helpful. The beds will not shift over time.

6. Get Rid Of The Grass.

Outlining the space and covering it with soil after it has been covered with cardboard

can help in getting rid of the grass.

What To Grow In Raised Beds

Raised Bed Gardening is suitable for growing plants like tomato, bean, lettuce, brinjal, etc.

Some Raised Bed Garden Ideas

1. Built-in Raised Beds.

They can be placed where there is sunlight or shade. If the width of sides is enough,

then one can sit there as well.

2. Sheet Metal Raised Beds.

They are advantageous when heat is to be provided to the Mediterranean plants like


3. Square Foot Raised Beds.

This is basically dividing an area into small squares of 1 foot each and is done in case of kitchen gardens.


Raised bed gardening is the best way of gardening even if the soil is not fertile. It

requires less space, fits more plants, and results in good yield. However, the cost for

raised bed gardening is relatively high and can reduce air circulation as many plants

have been fitted together.

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