Raised Beds Gardening Corners – How to Make Use of Them

raised bed gardening corners

Whether you have a small bed garden or a sprawling lawn area, using raised bed gardening can add so much style and functionality to your outdoor space. This is because you can design the entire bed and accompanying gardening areas in a completely different way than you would if you were designing and maintaining a flatbed style of garden. If you are interested in learning more about how to use raised beds for their intended purposes, be sure to check out these four great ideas.

An Overview

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First of all, if you have ever done any gardening at all, you know that one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not being careful when they are planting their garden. This includes not being aware of the importance of properly planning out which plants will be placed on which landscape feature and which should be included in the raised bed. When you are planning your garden with a raised bed in mind, you should include all of the items that will be beneficial to your plants as well as those that may not be so nice for your precious plants. For instance, it is important to plan out which flowers and shrubs will be able to survive the different levels of heat that you will experience while they are in your raised bed garden.


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One of the best ways that you can incorporate raised bed gardening corners into your design is by using your creativity to create unique focal points for your raised bed garden. For example, if you are creating a peaceful section of your garden for your plants to grow in, you can place an old tree stump in a certain corner. If you are hoping to create an outdoor living area where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can use a hammock or other portable structure. You can even line some of the walls of your raised bed with containers and plants that are not so sensitive to the elements. By using creative and unique landscaping features, you can truly make your raised bed gardening experience one that you will never forget.

It is important that you have a very clear idea about what you hope to accomplish when you are designing your garden. After all, one of the reasons that people choose to raise their own garden bed is because they want to be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Therefore, it is important that you carefully plan out the activities that you intend to perform around your raised bed. Are you hoping to plant some flowers, or would you like to place some small plants on the wall so that you can enjoy watching the activity of your family?


If you are looking for something a little bit different when it comes to planting your garden, you might want to try incorporating some animals into your design. There are several animals that are very appropriate to be placed within the confines of a raised bed garden. In fact, among these animals, you might even find that you could use your raised bed as the perfect habitat for some of them. For example, if you like to raise some edible plants, you can use a raised bed of annual flowers as well as some perennials that produce smaller plants each year. This can provide a wonderful way to incorporate plants into your landscaping while still maintaining a healthy eating area for you and your family to enjoy.

Another option that you have when it comes to using raised beds to provide the garden space that you need is to create some kind of overall design. It is not necessary to have a very intricate design in order to make a nice garden. All that it takes is some creativity to make a beautiful design. Some of the options that you have included creating a natural flow from one side of the garden to the other, or you might simply choose to create a frame-like type of arrangement. No matter what you end up creating, it will be an excellent way for you to have the garden of your dreams.


Of course, another reason why you might want to incorporate raised bed gardening corners is because it can be extremely beneficial to the health of your plants. Even though the soil in such an arrangement might contain a little more dust, you will find that it is still quite fresh and free of toxins. When it comes to vegetables, this is definitely a plus, especially when you have younger children who may easily get ill from exposure to too much dust. This is certainly something worth considering, especially if you are worried about the health of your children.

When you are choosing raised garden beds, it is important that you take the time to think about where you will place them, as well as how you want to arrange them within the overall layout of the garden. If you have a patio, for example, it is important to make sure that you position the raised bed away from that area.


On the other hand, if you simply plan on placing your garden beds under the tree branches or other types of landscaping so that they are out of harm’s way, you may simply want to make use of any free space that you have nearby. Regardless of what you end up doing with them, raised beds can prove to be a great addition to your landscaping and can provide you with years of enjoyment.

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