Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know

Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know

A rooftop garden is enjoyable to view and also provide a quick way to enjoy a retreat in the heart of the city. Further, provide with many additional benefits too.  Moreover, countries like France, Switzerland, and Canada have passed laws making it compulsory for new residential as well as commercial buildings to have a rooftop garden.

Benefits Of Rooftop Garden Are


The rooftop garden provides contact with the nature in places which are full of luxury, for instance, the big crowded cities. Further, a study by the University of Exeter Medical School states that having regular contact with nature and green spaces in urban areas can help to keep you mentally healthy and aid with overall happiness.

Moreover, the rooftop gardens aids in decreasing the pollution levels and increasing the water and air quality which ultimately reduces the stress level. Further, low stress means a happy person.

Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know
Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know

Improved Air Quality By Rooftop Garden

Since the rooftop gardens aid in decreasing air pollution, the quality of air increases. Further, the garden helps in reducing the distribution of dust in the air and the production of smog which reduces the greenhouse emissions in the urban areas.

However, only one green roof in a city may not have a considerable effect, but a large number of green roofs in a city will have a positive impact.

Decreased Waste

Such gardens contribute to reducing the waste by helping the materials and technologies used in the building last longer. This includes the waterproofing membranes used on the roof, the decreased use of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Effective Use Of Rainwater By Rooftop garden

The plants on the roof use the rainwater and also store the excess. Further, during summers, the rooftop garden can retain up to 80% of the rain, and in winters it can be up to 40%. Moreover, the water used is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration.

However, other than storing the rainwater, the plants on roofs also help to moderate the temperature, by acting as natural filters for any water that runs off the building. Further, the chances of water run-off are also decreased by rooftop gardens, thereby preventing floods in the city.

Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect Control

The most primary benefit of the rooftop garden is how they have a positive effect on the Urban Heat Island effect. The UHI concept is based on the increased temperature levels found in pretty much all urban areas. As the sun warms up the concrete faster than plants or any other material, the city becomes a big hot-aired area. Further, it makes the city extremely hot, thereby increasing the use of air conditioners.

The rooftop gardens overcome this effect.

Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know
Rooftop Garden Benefits To Know


The rooftop gardens become a natural habitat for many birds and also acts as a resting place for many migrating species.

Energy Efficiency

The gardens can lead to less and more effective use of energy. Further, they provide excellent insulation, retain heat in winter, and keep the temperature cool in summers.

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