The Sunflower Garden

Sunflower Garden: The Famous Fields In USA

Sunflower garden makes a popular tourist destination. Further, as per the Google trends, the search for the term sunflower has been increasing for the last five years.

Moreover, the fact that the sunflowers face the same direction. Makes them an ideal subject for photography. Further, this behavior of the plant is the reason behind its name.

Sunflower Garden: The Famous Fields In USA
Sunflower Garden: The Famous Fields In USA

Famous Sunflower Garden In USA

Coppal House Farm’s Sunflower Garden—Lee, New Hampshire

The annual sunflower festival at Coppal House Farm has attracted many tourists. Further, the farm also conducts kid-friendly activities like face paintings and wagon rides.

Moreover, ten percent of the profit from the festival is donated. The donations got to the local Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area

If you are in the Eastern Tennessee area, you have to visit the 70 acres of sunflowers in Knoxville. Further, they also conduct a sunflower festival on July 13. Moreover, the farm features a guided tour of the area.

Grinter Sunflower Garden Farms—Lawrence, Kansas

This is a 40-acre sunflower garden. Further, owned by a family who keeps an open-door policy. Thus, thousands of people visit the garden during the blossom season. The visits are for a quick photo session and flower picking.

Further, entry is free. However, you make a donation for every flower you pick

Sunflower Garden: The Famous Fields In USA
Sunflower Garden: The Famous Fields In USA

Buttonwood Farm—Griswold, Connecticut

Before starting the sunflowers for wishes, the expired blossoms were used to feed the cows. As of now, the farm sells thousands of bouquets to visitors each year. Further, donates the entire proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Moreover, the farm has donated more than one million dollars to the non-profit organization.

Babbette’s Seeds of Hope SunflowerGarden Maze

The garden features a sunflower maze which is very popular. It also attracts a lot of tourists. Further, the garden offers many family-friendly activities.

Moreover, in honor of the farmer’s wife Babbette, who died from cancer in 2014. The farm raises money and donates them to hospitals and cancer research. Thus, you can also contribute to the donations by purchasing the sunflower seeds.

McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area—Poolesville, Maryland

The 30-acre lot of sunflowers planted, keeping in mind local wildlife. And not a tourist destination. However, it is a great spot to stop and relish the beauty around.

Further, visitors can enter the garden for free and click pictures. However, you are not allowed to pick flowers.

Fausett Farms Sunflowers—Dawsonville, Georgia

Open since 1858, the sunflower field has a charm of family and tradition. Moreover, the field was initially for poultry farming which ended in 2011.

Further, the 13 acres of a sunflower field is the recent addition to the farm. Thus the sunflowers attract a lot of tourists.

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