Tips For Building A DIY Raised Garden Bed

diy raised garden bed

You can easily build DIY raised garden beds with a wide range of materials available nowadays. Wood, vinyl, siding, concrete, and even gravel are just some available options. If you plan to use traditional wooden beds, make sure you prepare the ground properly before laying the stones or timber. This will prevent sagging later on. It is also advisable to put drainage material beneath the soil to avoid water ingress. Ensure that the soil is firm so that there is no complication in planting.

Building DIY raised garden Beds

Raised Garden Bed

If you have a plot and are looking for a perfect gardening area, you can choose to build DIY raised garden beds. It is easy to do this since most landscapers can readily provide you with free designs online. You may need to take measurements and hire a professional gardener for installation. However, if you are handy with basic carpentry skills, you can install the beds on your own.

How You Should Use The Planters?

Raised Garden Bed

There are various types of planters available today that you can use to grow multiple plants. Plants that require different temperatures can be grown in individual pots, while those that need more sun can go under larger and taller planters. If you plan to include plants that require different amounts of sunlight, the garden planters should be placed in areas that get a lot of sunlight throughout the day. For example, your plants will thrive best if you put the planters in your backyard facing the east or west.

What Should Be Included In The DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans?

The DIY raised garden bed plans that you will use to build your beds should include several important pieces. One of these is the garden stake or post that you will use to support your bed’s center. You can find garden stakes at home improvement stores or lumber stores. One of the most convenient ones to use is made from metal or wood. These pieces are easily adjustable because you can drill holes and bolt them to the posts. Wood and metal pieces can be bolted together using nails or screws.

In addition to using wood, you can also use recycled boards. Recycled boards have gone through a metal or glass coating that helps them resist rotting and keeps them looking new for years. One excellent option is to buy reclaimed cedar. Made from the inner bark of mature cedar trees, recycled boards are best for creating DIY raised beds. They are stronger, and they will also resist growing pests like termites and ants.

Final Thoughts

In addition to using recycled materials to build your DIY raised garden bed, you can add other types of plants that make the project a lot easier to manage. For example, you can place flowering plants that come in bunches on one side of the bed. Small plants are perfect for the corners. Potted plants work well too, but remember that you can put as many potted plants as you like. Just make sure that they get enough sun and water.

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