Use Of Garden Flowers In Floral Arrangements

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The use of garden flowers in floral arrangements is a tradition that has been around for centuries.

The most ancient records state that the Egyptians were using garden flowers as early as 3000 BC and there are references to the Greeks making wreaths from cut flowers by 500 BC.

Some cultures such as those in India where they have an abundance of flora, use flower garlands ceremoniously on religious occasions even today. The importance of floral arrangements starts with their beautifying effect which makes them great for personal decoration but they also serve other purposes like expressing emotions or conveying messages through color and fragrance. With all these benefits it’s not surprising that the flower industry is worth billions of dollars annually and it’s easy to see why people are still using garden flowers in their arrangements.

What is a floral arrangement?

A vase of flowers on a tree branch

A floral arrangement is a combination of flowers or foliage arranged in a pleasing, artistic manner. The main goal of an arrangement is to create an attractive visual display for the viewer’s eye using materials found within nature.

The Two Main Types Of Floral Arrangements

A group of oranges in a garden

Today you will find the most common examples of floral arrangements are either bouquets or centerpieces.

Bouquets are arranged with the flower heads all facing in one direction, often supported by a ribbon wrapped around them to hold them together and they are available in many different sizes.

Centerpieces are generally bigger than bouquets but instead of having their heads facing outwards, they are designed with their heads placed upwards which gives them a more realistic appearance making it seem as if they were growing from within an arrangement of greenery.

Other Types And Their Uses

There are other types of flower arrangements that have evolved such as garlands and swags, but these are used less frequently today.

Garlands are loose flower arrangements laid over a trail or curtain and can be arranged to fit around doorways or windows.

Swags are similar to garlands but instead of trails they usually consist of staircases with candles placed on either side which is why they’re also referred to as candelabra arrangements.

Types of flowers used in arrangements

There are no set rules for what types of flowers you can use to create an arrangement, though there are types that are more commonly used than others. Floral designers often use flowers that have similar water needs together so they don’t need to be watered as frequently. For example, if you were creating an arrangement with lilies and irises, these plants would likely be able to take care of their own watering needs since both require similar amounts of water. You may also want to consider the color or shape of a flower when choosing what type of flowers you wish to use, as well as the blooming time and whether they are annuals or perennials (plants that come back year after year). Some garden flowers commonly used in arrangements include:





Today we have the luxury of being able to choose from an ever wider array of flowers that come in all colors and sizes so there’s something for everyone and every occasion, but it’s nice to know that even the old favorites like garden daisies still make wonderful choices for floral arrangements.

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