Vegetable Tissue cultivation – An Important Factor For Successful Vegetable Terrace Gardening in India

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In recent times, vegetable terrace gardening in India is gaining momentum. This has been attributed to two main reasons. Firstly, due to a drastic change in the climatic conditions in the country, people are shifting their farms to the semi-arid regions to grow various vegetables. Secondly, there has been an extensive campaign by various celebrities for organic food. Now, you too can take up vegetable terrace gardening in India and make your own personal statement in order to bring down the alarming levels of acid rain.

Grow Vegetables On The Terrace

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You do not have to be a hardcore gardener to grow vegetables on the terrace. All you need to do is have basic gardening skills and some luck. Growing vegetables on the terrace is like growing any other plants except that you need to be more careful as you face stronger head winds and more frequent cyclones. If you are lucky, your terrace will also end up being a very good place to raise fruit trees.

There are many advantages of vegetable terrace gardening in India. The most obvious of these is that the place is always hot. Although you have to face some pretty strong winds, the heat actually makes the summer months even more bearable. In the winter, you will still find that it is pretty cold but it will not be so cold that your clothes get stained.

No Worries For Pests And Insects

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Another advantage of vegetable terrace gardening in India is that you do not have to worry about pests and insects. Most of the vegetables here are grown with their roots underground. The roots make sure that the plants stay alive and well. They also serve to deter any animals such as snakes from coming in. All you need to do is provide sufficient water and your vegetables will be safe from all sorts of predators.

You could also grow other vegetables on your terrace. These include tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Just make sure that you have tamed them well before you plant them because they will need a bit of extra care. Just remember that no matter how hard you make them work, they are still plants and should be treated accordingly. You can make them grow faster by providing them with fertilizer.

Choose A Place That Is Quite Suitable

When you decide to go vegetable terrace gardening in India, you need to choose a place that is quite suitable. One of the best places in India is the state of Gujarat in the north-western part of the country. Here you will find some of the finest patches of land. The most ideal conditions for vegetable terrace gardening in India are full sunshine and moderate temperatures. Of course, you could opt for countries like Florida or California, which get most of their sunlight during the night hours. But if you live in the north-west, you would be better off planting vegetables close to the equator.

Last Words

Another important thing that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to vegetable terrace gardening in India is the proper watering of the plants. Different regions in India experience different rainfall patterns. So you will need to pay special attention to the rainfall pattern in your region. And make sure that you water your vegetables just after the rainfall.

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